Goji Berry, The Shapeshifting Superfruit 

Breaking news: A unique, new plant has just been planted in our garden. It’s a fruit, it’s a shrub, it’s Lycium barbarum! Commonly known as Goji, these plants are often called a superfood or super fruit. Like a superhero who is unknown due to his secret identity, this superfood, the Goji, has been hidden for too long leaving many people to ponder such catechizing thoughts: “What is a Goji?” “What are Goji berries?” “Are Goji berries good for you?” “Why should I plant Goji berry” “Why should I eat Goji berries?”

Well, I am here to hopefully answer some of those thoughtful questions.

“The Lycium barbarum variety of Goji berry plants are a perennial in zones 3 to 10.” It’s a climate tolerant shrub that produces small, red berries. This plant is capable of growing as tall as 10-13 feet with a spread of 4 feet if you leave it unpruned. It takes a few years for Goji berries to fully produce. When the plant reaches full maturity it will provide you with up to 7lbs of berries.

Check out what plantingtree.com has to say about them: https://www.plantingtree.com/products/Goji-berry

You may wonder...

What do Goji berries taste like?

Fresh Goji berries are said to be more sour than dried Goji berries. In each bite your taste buds will receive hints of a sour cranberry mixed with an “imperceptible sweetness.” You can eat and use Goji berries in all sorts of ways. The superhero power of a Goji berry is shapeshifting. There are multiple ways to consume these berries: fresh, dried or juiced. They are excellent in smoothies, herbal teas, trail mixes, oatmeal, yogurt, salads, baked goods, desserts, sweet sauces, and more.

Why does Project FarmSTAND grow Goji?

Although they have a sweet name, we didn’t plant Goji berries just so we could say “Goji” all the time or for our dogs to call them “wolfberries”. Wolfberry is another common name Goji is known by. We planted 16 Goji plants in our garden this year for their possible health benefits.

Goji berries have been used for over 2000 years in traditional Chinese medicine. Knowing this fact, it would be, and is reasonable for one to believe that Goji berries have some health benefits.

Are Goji berries really good for you?

Perhaps these facts will convince you of their supernatural health benefits. Goji berry contains 500 times more vitamin C than an orange and has an ORAC rating of 3290 which places itself between apples and blueberries in terms of antioxidant power. They also contain high amounts of iron and vitamin A. Goji berry’s high polysaccharide, or complex sugar content, provides you with an amazing boost of energy. It has been stated that "researchers are currently running studies to test the exact capability of the berry to reverse or halt the growth of cancerous tumors." Medical News Today lists seven possible health benefits of the Goji berry. They say that Goji berries may protect the eyes, provide immune system support, protect against cancer, promote healthy skin, stabilize blood sugar, improve depression, anxiety, and sleep, and prevent liver damage. In their article they list some of the science that backs up their claims: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322693

Project FarmSTAND believes that God has graciously designed plants with natural health benefits. With that said, we will be using the Goji plants as a delicious and nutritious food for us to eat. We are filled with joy that He has blessed us with the ability to grow this new plant. It is amazing to discover the extensive healing benefits in God’s curated, culinary creation.

Project FarmSTAND will be growing Goji berries to make this valuable plant available to its members. Knowledge is power. Now that you know the facts about this amazing super fruit, don’t you want to grow one in your own backyard? The plants are difficult to come by but easy to grow. We have several available for purchase. Check out our products page for more information on purchasing your own Goji superfruit!

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