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We hope this post finds you well and filled with joy! We wanted to reach out and share something close to our hearts about Project FarmSTAND. We’re all about glorifying God in everything we do. But let’s face it, it’s not always easy, right? That’s where our faith comes in – with Christ by our side, nothing is impossible.

We have been overwhelmed with all the work we get to do on our farm. We humbly ask you for help because we need it! That’s why we’ve started these awesome workdays, and we’d absolutely love to have you join us!

As Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 beautifully articulates, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” Together, we can uplift and support one another in our shared mission. Your presence and participation will not only enrich our community but also contribute to the fulfillment of our collective purpose.

During these volunteer days, we envision a time filled with purposeful work, opportunities for growth and learning, enjoying delicious farm-fresh meals, and meaningful fellowship.

Below is this month’s volunteer schedule.

Take a look and see when you can join us. Having you with us would be an incredible blessing! Each month we will be sending out an email to our members sharing the exact dates we plan to host work days, Lord willing we hope to continue having the work days every other Monday and all Saturdays. 

Interested in joining us? Please RSVP at or contact Matt Pekrul at 517-243-8234. 

Thanks a bunch for being a part of Project FarmSTAND and for all your support. Together, let us glorify God through our actions and stewardship.

Sending you our blessings,

Project FarmSTAND

This schedule will continue throughout the year, we will be informing members through email each month will exact dates.



June 2024 Volunteer Work Schedule:

Days start at 9am and conclude at 1pm, please feel welcome to arrive when you are able:

  • Saturday, June 8th (9am-1pm)
  • Saturday, June 15th (9am-1pm)
  • Saturday, June 22nd (9am-1pm)

Come early at 9am on all work days because we will be providing a farm fresh breakfast!

Planning on attending a work day? Please RSVP at or contact Matt Pekrul at 517-243-8234. 

Questions? Email

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