Celebrating Our 100th Member and Exciting Developments at Project FarmSTAND!

dear project farmSTAND members,

We are overjoyed to share the wonderful news that God has blessed us with our 100th member this month! This is a significant milestone in our journey, and we give thanks to the Father, our Provider, for the growth and support we have received from each and every one of you.

Food Ministry

At Project FarmSTAND, our mission is to spread the love of our Lord through food and educational fellowship. We are praying into providing chemical-free, non-GMO, “Edenic” foods to disadvantaged urban areas, accompanied by educational programs for these communities that promote clean eating, as well as providing the community with opportunities for compensation through clean food production, all while sharing the most important aspect of our lives, The Gospel. We envision bringing a free meal, dry-good food packages, plants, God-honoring music, and inspired speakers into these in-need places.

We are reaching out to you as our valued members to join us in prayer for divine guidance, wisdom, and the necessary resources to carry out this vital work efficiently and to the glory of our Heavenly Father. Pray that Project FarmSTAND never lacks the necessary resources, be it financial, infrastructural, or human, to carry out our work. May the impact of our work be felt far and wide, truly making a difference in other’s lives. Please be in prayer specifically that the details and planning will come together smoothly, and that a venue will be revealed to us in the near future. 

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Colossians 4:2

Call to Action for Donations

As we strive to serve those in need, we’re reaching out to ask for your support. Your donations help us provide food to individuals and families who are facing hunger and food insecurity. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, let’s ensure that no one in our community goes hungry. Your generosity enables us to fulfill our mission of feeding the hungry and nourishing the soul. Donate today and help us make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most!

Food Production

Our commitment to providing our members with chemical-free, non-GMO food below market value has been steadfast. In 2023, we expanded our offerings, tripling the number of food, health, and wellness products! The addition of vaccine-free chicks and heritage cross pigs from unvaccinated bloodlines, fed only non-GMO food, showcases our dedication to quality and sustainability. Our new poultry program, the “Leap Year Special” now allows members to make bulk buys of chicken products at discounted rates, contributing to both savings and efficient cash flow management. Members have until Thursday 2/29/24 to place orders on any bulk packages of chicken products. Place orders on our products page



Educational Fellowship

Our community-focused programs are aimed at working together. From growing clean sources of protein, tending the land, studying the Bible, or learning a variety of homesteading skills we desire to be in fellowship with one another. We are praising God for the existing Dominators young adult Bible study, Piggy Program, and Farm to Table events which have been successful. We are continuously developing new programs to support our mission and create opportunities for growth, learning, and fellowship.


A young adult Bible study group (ages 18-22) meeting twice a month, currently studying the book of Proverbs. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to us.

-Piggy Program


An initiative allowing people to raise feeder pigs on our property, gaining homesteading skills while enjoying the benefits of pasture-raised pigs. This is great for those that are not able to raise a pig for a variety of reasons. Without the cost of setting up structures or time is takes to manage them, members are able to get the cost and health benefit of stewarding a forest/pasture-raised pig. Members also learn a variety of homesteading skills as they help on the farm 1-2 days per month. Learn more here!

-Farm to Table Events

Several years ago we hosted a Harvest Party where we invited family and friends to join us for a time of worship, fellowship, and fun in place of halloween. God has grown this into an annual event, and  is now offered to our members as well!

Last year we had our first work event where we cleared land for a future food forest and recreational area. At this event our young adult group learned how to run a chainsaw from a seasoned sawyer, and learned about firearms from a season expert, marksmen veteran. We closed the event with a great farm-to-table meal and worship music.

Project FarmSTAND intends to continue annual events like the Harvest Party, focusing on faith, fellowship, and education, with plans to add more events in the coming year.




“All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:44-47

Call to Action: Service Projects

We’re excited to announce upcoming service projects on the farm, and we need your help to make them a success! Join us as we come together to serve as a community and steward the land that God has entrusted to us. Whether it’s planting crops, tending to animals, or maintaining our facilities, your participation makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. Please let us know your interest in our upcoming service projects by contacting and we will let you know how you can partner with us in something truly impactful!


Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Garden Foundation in Lowell, Michigan. This collaboration aligns with our grand vision for decentralized, God-honoring food and wellness services.

“Dr. Bobby Belmonte is a solid man that loves the Lord and has a team of amazing people that are making the vision into a reality. Lewis and I are chiropractic patients of Dr. Bobby. He invites the power of the Holy Spirit into his nonprofit practice and even has a prayer room for healing that can only be accomplished through our Lord and Savior!” – Matthew Pekrul

Members on the west side of Michigan will soon have a convenient pickup point for our products and access to raw dairy from Creamy Meadows.


Blessings Amid Challenges


It may sound crazy, but we thank God for our recent catastrophe in our pole barn! Count it all joy. We had a faucet fail and cause ample damage to the first floor of our pole barn’s work and storage space, photo studio and farm stand, as well as grandma’s living quarters on the second floor. Despite facing this challenge, we see it as an opportunity for renewal and improvement. The damages have led us to reconfigure our space, creating a multi-use area for events, training, and an expanded farm stand.



With these changes we will be moving the farm stand from our photo studio into the main pole barn area allowing for a larger and more accessible space for our members and Robert Hoschstetler’s (soon to be Creamy Meadows) herd share dairy members. We hope to complete these renovations before May, enhancing our services for you and our community.

Call to Action for Infrastructure Donations

We’re embarking on an exciting journey to enhance our farm’s infrastructure, and we need your support to make it a reality! Our vision includes adding a wedding venue site dedicated to Christian marriages, hosting worship concerts, and constructing a multipurpose event barn that will serve as a hub for community gatherings, education and ministry outreach.

Your donations in improving our farm’s infrastructure will not only create a beautiful and sacred space for Christian unions but also provide a platform for spreading the Gospel through worship and fellowship. With your support, we can build a venue that reflects our values and serves as a beacon of God’s love and grace. Together, let’s sow seeds of faith and hope as we invest in the future of our ministry and the communities we serve. Your contribution will leave a lasting legacy of faith and transformation. Join us in building a brighter future for generations to come! Donate Here



To learn more about how you can support our infrastructure improvement project, please contact . Together, let’s build a sanctuary where love, worship, and fellowship flourish.


Gratitude and Prayer

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your prayers and support. Your engagement with us on this journey is invaluable, and we thank you for being an integral part of Project FarmSTAND. May the Lord continue to bless our endeavors and guide us in making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.


With heartfelt thanks and blessings,


Matt Pekrul

Project FarmSTAND Team


All Photos by Project FarmSTAND 

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  1. So many great things the Lord is / will be doing through you guys! Love and am excited to see the Lord guide and bless the vision He’s given you! Exciting times ahead!

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