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Creamy Meadows Dairy Orders

Hi Members! We are so blessed to be able to partner with Creamy Meadows! Below we list some information we think you’ll find helpful as you look into joining Creamy Meadow’s herd share and start purchasing their delicious Dairy Products off of our website here!   Project FarmSTAND members must sign a herd share agreement […]
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Volunteer Work Days

Hey there, Members! We hope this post finds you well and filled with joy! We wanted to reach out and share something close to our hearts about Project FarmSTAND. We’re all about glorifying God in everything we do. But let’s face it, it’s not always easy, right? That’s where our faith comes in – with […]
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Celebrating Our 100th Member and Exciting Developments at Project FarmSTAND!

dear project farmSTAND members, We are overjoyed to share the wonderful news that God has blessed us with our 100th member this month! This is a significant milestone in our journey, and we give thanks to the Father, our Provider, for the growth and support we have received from each and every one of you. […]
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NEW Leap Year Special & 10 Clever Chicken Deposits

Project FarmSTAND’s “Leap Year Special!”    what is our LEAP YEAR SPECIAL? When members place a deposit on a bundle of chicken products, they will receive discounted rates for their final price/pound total. why the LEAP YEAR SPECIAL? Project FarmSTAND is introducing the Leap Year Special to encourage pre-orders of this season’s chicken. Your downpayment […]
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The Piggy Program: 2 Tracks for Happy Pigs

  “One of the obligations of Project FarmSTAND is to create educated communities that are informed on the powers we are up against. We want to help families and friends become self-sustaining, teach them new things, and provide products that will help them. We value our community and strive to help them realize the importance […]
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INTRODUCING: Whipped Beef Tallow!   — our newest product — Click to PURCHASE our Product!   What is “beef tallow”?  Being primarily sourced from a cow, tallow is the rendered fat extracted from processed cow meat, the best fat coming from the kidneys. “Many consider the best quality beef tallow to be rendered from the […]
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Cotton + Sage Tallow Soap

WE ARE DELIGHTED TO WELCOME GRACE FROM COTTON + SAGE SOAP TO OUR FARMSTAND! Here at Project FarmStand we believe that we simply cannot do it all. Along with reliance on God our mission is to partner with others, functioning as the body of Christ to glorify God through all we do- whether that’s eating […]
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Instant Pot Glyphosate-Free Hummus

Instant Pot, Glyphosate-Free, Hummus This Thanksgiving we discovered a recipe that we want to share with YOU! Being made from our organic, non-GMO, locally-sourced, glyphosate-free garbanzo beans and taking just under an hour to prepare, this no-soak, homemade hummus is worth your while. 😊 Recipe Ingredients: – 1 cup of our glyphosate-free garbanzo beans – […]
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The Power of Orthomolecular Medicine via Vitamin C: Unveiling 5 Astonishing Benefits for Humans and Animals

Vitamin C, scientifically known as ascorbic acid, is a orthomolecular powerhouse nutrient renowned for its multifaceted benefits in promoting health and well-being. Extensive research and references from underscore the pivotal role that ascorbic acid plays in bolstering the immune system, supporting collagen formation, and serving as a potent antioxidant. This blog will delve into […]
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Sustainable and Nutritious Amazing Pasture Raised Poultry and The 5 Health Benefits of enjoying them this Thanksgiving!

Introduction In an era when conscious choices about food and farming practices are becoming increasingly important, pasture-raised poultry fed with non-GMO organic feed has emerged as a beacon of sustainability and nutrition. Not only do these practices result in healthier and more flavorful poultry products, but they also play a vital role in improving soil […]
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Goji Berry, The Shapeshifting Superfruit 

Breaking news: A unique, new plant has just been planted in our garden. It’s a fruit, it’s a shrub, it’s Lycium barbarum! Commonly known as Goji, these plants are often called a superfood or super fruit. Like a superhero who is unknown due to his secret identity, this superfood, the Goji, has been hidden for […]
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Jerusalem Artichokes – The Ultimate Prepper Food

What is a Jerusalem Artichoke? Jerusalem Artichoke, Helianthus tuberosus, is also known as “sunroot” or “sunchoke.” It is celebrated as the ultimate prepper food and a great plant to incorporate into a permaculture. This hardy, perennial root vegetablegrows up to 6 feet tall. In late August to early September these relatives to the sunflower are […]
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Why DMSO for alternative natural health solutions?

The History of DMSO DMSO isn’t a common acronym that we say in everyday conversation. The full name doesn’t shed any light on what is Dimethyl Sulfoxide or why we should use it. DMSO was discovered as a by-product of natural wood processing by Russian scientist Alexander Zaytsev in 1866. Its first medical use was […]
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