A Little About Us

Who Are We?

At Project FarmSTAND we are committed to help our community return to God with the way we grow and eat food one stand at a time. We believe that God has provided us with this land, and that it is our responsibility to properly manage it. Numbers 33:53 We also believe that we should not only provide for ourselves but have an abundance for others. To us, this means whether we eat or drink or whatever we do, we will do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

We are a homeschooled family of six banding together with other homeschooled families in an effort to return to God with the way we grow and eat food one garden and farmstand at a time.  We believe it is our duty to take a stand against the tyrannical evil that surrounds us and with Christ’s help, lead others to do the same one stand at a time. We have become aware of the corruption behind some of the major food industries and are resolved to grow our own meat, vegetables and as much fruit as our Michigan summers will bear.  This includes growing our own pasture raised beef, chicken, turkey and eggs from free-range hens. In the late spring of 2022, our goal is to have a road-side farmstand featuring products from our farm and items from other local farms.

A Little Practicality

What Does This Look Like?

One of the obligations of Project FarmSTAND is to educate and prepare others. We want to help them become self-sustaining, teach them new things, and provide products that will help them. We value our customers and strive to help them realize the importance of our communities, families, bodies, and lives. To keep them healthy. Project FarmSTAND is a faith based, partnership project. We want to band together to take a stand against the evils and struggles of the world, and to create educated communities that are informed on the powers we are up against.

“Happy meat is what we eat!” This was the mindset we developed in 2015 when we raised our first ever chickens and two turkeys knowing that we were raising our fellow/beloved turkeys for a delicious dinner. We understood that we would rather eat an animal that had been raised properly and happily than one which had not.
At Project Farmstand we are devoted to raising our meat as happily as we can. This means that our chickens and turkeys that are raised in portable tractors receive fresh grass, bugs, and fresh air each day. Our cows are raised in a large pasture and our hens are free-ranged.