An Orthomolecular Restorative Farm

Gain access to Edenic foods without pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, or GMO feeds

An Orthomolecular Restorative Farm

Better than your typical organic farm in Michigan

Welcome to Project FarmSTAND, we are an Orthomolecular Garden Ministry in Michigan that produces food naturally without pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, or GMO feeds. Our organic farm in Michigan practices Orthomolecular Restorative Farming and gardening as a means to heal and improve the microbial health of our animals and soil. Our methods restore an Edenic balance to the microbiome in the soil, water, plants, animals, and farm share community.

Join our private membership association, PFSPMA, and gain access to Edenic foods produced by our Orthomolecular Restorative Michigan farm. We are part of a network of organic farms in Michigan driving a food-system revolution into the private domain and decentralizing food supply back to local private family-run farms. When you taste the fruits of our revolution, you’re tasting the truth!

Payment Types accepted:

Cash, Check, PayPal, Credit Card

Our location

Find us at 9835 E Bellevue Hwy, Eaton Rapids (Free local deliveries for orders over $100)

Our Method for Growing a Food Forest

Permaculture Food Forest Abunance Get Started with a Design through Food Forest Abundance (Use this link for 10% off design and installation of your own food forest using permaculture methods.)

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