NEW Leap Year Special & 10 Clever Chicken Deposits

Project FarmSTAND’s

“Leap Year Special!” 


what is our LEAP YEAR SPECIAL?

When members place a deposit on a bundle of chicken products, they will receive discounted rates for their final price/pound total.


Project FarmSTAND is introducing the Leap Year Special to encourage pre-orders of this season’s chicken. Your downpayment on our chicken bundles helps Project FarmSTAND in our planning and goes towards funding the upfront costs of raising Freedom Ranger meat chickens. Joining us in the Leap Year Special helps YOU to meal plan, eat healthy, and save money! Help yourself by helping us. 😉

why project farmSTAND’s chicken?

Happy meat is what we eat!” Back in 2015 we came up with this sweet saying and have kept it since, striving to follow it. We believe our animals deserve a happy life- a life like God intended.

To us this means providing our Freedom Rangers with fresh pasture each day where they can forage through the grass for grubs, insects, and more! This also means the feed we offer to our chickens has NOT been genetically modified. We also choose to keep our Freedom Rangers free from the needle and keep them unvaccinated. If a chicken ever shows signs that it is not well, we will treat it with all natural solutions such as hydrogen peroxide, diatomaceous earth, chlorine dioxide, etc.


Happier animals results in tastier food! Our chickens are raised in “Chicken Tractors” which are moveable coops we rotate throughout our property. The chickens get grass and bugs, and in return our property has less pests and more fertilizer! Another plus to the Chicken Tractors is that our chickens are protected from predators and shaded from the hot, summer sun.

Here are two websites that talk more about chicken tractors and their benefits:


The Frugal Farm Girl 


Now that you’re convinced about Project FarmSTAND’s chicken lets talk more about this Leap Year Special


why the name, “LEAP YEAR SPECIAL”?

Deposits on 20 and 10 bundles of chicken are available until 2/29/24

When you deposit on, let’s say, 20 WHOLE CHICKENS before 2/29/24, in July when our Freedom Rangers are ready to be processed we will send you an invoice of your total with a 10% discounted price/pound minus your deposit from February.

(for a deposit on 10 whole chickens, your total would have a 5% discounted price/pound)


Leap Year Poultry Pricing expires on 2/29/24 and the special will no longer be available


what’s included in the LEAP YEAR SPECIAL?

There are “20 bundles” and “10 bundles” available to place deposits on.

When you place a deposit on a 20 bundle you will receive a 10% discount on the final price. 

When you place a deposit on a 10 bundle you will receive a 5% discount on the final price.

view bundles on our products page


10% off for our “20 Bundles” Pre-Orders:

—pricing below reflects the discounted rate—

Take a closer look above at the last bullet point about chicken wings.

When you place a $60 deposit on chicken wings you will get 20 8-Packs, or 160 chicken wings in total. Our chicken wings come in packages of eight, in this bundle you will get 20 of those packages.


(This example works for all the other 10 and 20 bundles as well) 


5% off for our “10 Bundles” Pre-Orders:

pricing below reflects the discounted rate


when will the chicken be ready?


Chickens will be available for pick up and delivery after July 2nd. 

In July, you will receive an invoice and a message asking if you would like to pick up your chicken or have it delivered.

For more questions email









Article by:

Vadis Pekrul

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