Why DMSO for alternative natural health solutions?

The History of DMSO

DMSO isn’t a common acronym that we say in everyday conversation. The full name doesn’t shed any light on what is Dimethyl Sulfoxide or why we should use it. DMSO was discovered as a by-product of natural wood processing by Russian scientist Alexander Zaytsev in 1866. Its first medical use was as a preservative transporting kidneys in 1962 by American surgeon Stanley Jacob. Since then there have been many findings on the therapeutic properties of DMSO from skin tightening to tumor elimination to free radical destroyer.

I first learned about DMSO when studying Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) in Dr. Kalcker’s book, “Forbidden Health”. The brief description on DMSO intrigued me, so I bought and read, “Healing with DMSO” by Amandha Dawn Vollmer, “DMSO Nature’s Healer” by Dr. Morton Walker, a few more books, and online resources. It was surprising and interesting to read about the multi areas of use for health and healing. So, I dove in and bought 99.99% DMSO, and started to experiment. I drank it, put it in my eyes, used it in a neti pot, and applied it to my skin.

The Effects of using DMSO

Drinking it improved the cloudiness in my mind. I felt as if I could think more clearly. I didn’t notice any improvements to my vision but I didn’t follow a consist protocol to rule it out. I was more interested on how I would react in case me or my family had any eye issues. Shortly after my eye experiment, a friend had an accident to his eye. He got hydrochloric acid in it. His eye was sore and inflamed. He rinsed his eye thoroughly with water. Then he used 20% DMSO, vitamin C, and saline solution eye drops that I purchased from Amanda Vollmer (side note; she is an amazing Professional Holistic Practitioner!) His pain went away shortly after his first drops. The inflammation went away after 24 hours and a couple sessions with the 20% DMSO eye drops. An aqueous solution of DMSO/CDS in a neti-pot for a sinus infection works great. The DMSO pushes the CDS through the snot into the infected areas and disinfects the sinus solving the root problem and not masking the issue. I did al lot of experimentation on my skin. The skin treatment helped sore muscles, joint pain, bumps, bruises, and it’s amazing with burns! I was inspired to make a pain roller with essential oils. This roller is Project FarmSTAND’s first natural organic wellness product, “The Holy Roller”.

The Holy Roller is 60% DMSO, Aloe Vera, Frankincense and Eucalyptus. Our family uses it in the summer with sun burns. It’s our go to for bumps and bruises. My daughter recently had a bad ankle sprain. You can see the before and after using the DMSO. It reduced the swelling and helped decrease the pain. Early this year I burned the inside of my forearm on our insta-pot. It was a small but bad burn. I quickly disinfected my skin with CDS, then used the, “Holy Roller”, and the pain went away instantly. I even sat in a hot tub that night with no pain, which isn’t common on a new burn.

Precautions to take when using DMSO

One should be careful when using DMSO. Its penetrating properties can push in bad elements into your body just as well as it can push in good elements. One should disinfect their skin before applying DMSO. We typically disinfect our skin with CDS before applying DMSO. The treated area should be allowed to air dry for at least 30 minutes before putting on clothing over the area. DMSO is a solvent and can dissolve synthetic materials and dyes in clothing. It’s recommended to wear natural clothing such as cotton after the application.


DMSO is great because of its effectiveness and versatility

It takes the place of many pharmaceutical products. It treats many issues and a little goes along way!

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