Jerusalem Artichoke Plant


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Jerusalem Artichoke, Helianthus tuberosus, is also known as “sunroot” or “sunchoke.” It is celebrated as the ultimate prepper food and a great plant to incorporate into a permaculture. This hardy, perennial root vegetable grows up to 6 feet tall. In late August to early September these relatives to the sunflower are covered in 2 inch cheerfully bright and yellow flowers. Possessing these sunny flowers makes Jerusalem Artichoke attractive to bees, they are known to provide pollen to many different types of bees. Epic Gardening stated the flowers “smell like vanilla chocolate.” Jerusalem Artichokes have thick, ginger-like tubers which you harvest in the fall and can eat. These plants are very prolific and spread easily.

For more information on the Jerusalem Artichoke – check out our article “Jerusalem Artichoke – the ultimate prepper food”. 


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