1 Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs

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Farm Fresh, Non-GMO fed, Pasture-Raised!

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“Happy meat is what we eat” has been one of our mottos since 2015. But this unique saying doesn’t just apply to our farm fresh meats, it also goes for our farm fresh, pasture-raised chicken eggs! Each time you crack one of our hen’s eggs, you can tell of her happiness. Did you know that the pigmentation of a yolk is determined by how much protein a hen has received? The darker orange a yolk is, the healthier and happier the hen is. There’s no yolk about that!

Our poultry are fed NON-GMO feed and forage in our pastures. We give our hens back their egg shells to increase their calcium intake.

1 review for 1 Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs

  1. Vadis Pekrul

    Once you switch to a local source of chicken eggs, you cannot go back to regular, store-bought eggs. We used these eggs in our cheesecake for the first time and our batter turned out a yellow-orange instead of a pale white! Our cheesecake was delicious and so are these eggs.

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